1927 - 2005

Port Renfrew Hotel

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circleroute.ca - Canadian, covers All the circle routes  in Canada as well as Vancouver Island. circleroute.ca is active as the Pacific Marine Circle Route located on Vancouver Island. This could easily be extended to the rest of Britishi Columbia, or Canada for that matter. Here are results from the The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Online Pacific Marine Circle Route: A Photo Road Trip “The journey, not the arrival, matters.” - T.S. Eliot Travelling in circles doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lost. Ending up right back where you started can be a wonderful thing if you consider everything that happened along the way. So it goes with the nine B.C. highway circle routes designated by Tourism BC and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. - See more at: http://tranbc.ca/2012/10/03/pacific-marine-circle-route-a-photo-road-trip/#sthash.8Gy1ucs8.dpuf
The old jail house at the end of the dock outside the Hotel.
yr 2000 before the fire