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Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. (Pacific Northwest) West Coast B.C. A spectacular west coast wilderness seclusion at the end of the Pacific Rim National Park. Inside this region lies some of the most diverse land and marine eco-systems in the world. Port San Juan Bay and Port Renfrew are synonymous as Port Renfrew is the town located in Port San Juan Bay.  
There are over seventy local businessís in Port Renfrew.  A General Store/Liquor Store supplies the needs of the local community. In the summer there is a small store at the Port Renfrew Marina. There is a small hardware store, and some auto resources available for tourists in town.  Gasoline can be purchased from one of the local Marinas and some basic tire repairs can be found around town.  West Coast Trail PARKING can be found at different locations around town.  Resorts are endless. Choices include a yurt on the top of a mountain, to a comfortable log cabin in the woods, to a luxurious room in the many BNBís that can be found almost everywhere.   Fishing Charters is a big business here on the west coast. The Swiftsure bank is one of the most prolific fishing grounds in the World. Trophy Salmon fishing is caught here on a regular basis. Fishing here includes Halibut, Sockeye, Spring, Coho, Steelhead.  Most lakes have trout and bass. Dungeness Crab are always picked up from the traps on the way back from the fishing trip.  There are a number of businesses focused on providing tourists who come here to hike the world famous West Coast Trail or any number of other challenging trails that can be found in the area.  The West Coast is a temperate rain forest , and fog clings above the surface as the warm air of the day heats the surface, and the fog  lifts  and the sun shines ... forever! Then it is like no where else! Last year summer  August 2014  there was a month of solid sunshiny days! The summertime is the best time for those who need warmth, but for those that want wilderness and ruggedness then this is the place for you! Fall is some of the best Spring Salmon and Steelhead Salmon fishing in the world!   The business directory at portrenfrew.com/businez.html has been serving the Port Renfrew community for over nineteen years non-stop. The best place to locate a business in Port Renfrew is the portrenfrew.com Business Directory. There is also a Chamber of Commerce in Port Renfrew and can be found at portrenfrewcommunity.com.
Community of interests:
   Community Services:     Port Renfrew Elementary     Port Renfrew Community Plan     Port Renfrew Salmon Enhancement Society     San Juan Enhancement Society (Hatchery)     South Island Cable     Port Renfrew Dock Society     Port Renfrew Rec Centre     Contact: Ron Neufeld     ph: 778-764-7644     email: rneufeld14@gmail.com     Port Renfrew Library     The Port Renfrew Branch of Vancouver Island Regional Library located in the Community Centre offers a diverse collection of books,     DVDs (movies and television), music CDs and magazines. Free Wi-Fi and free computers with Internet access are also available     for library customers. The online library offers downloadable music, eBooks, eAudiobooks, digital magazines and more.     For more information visit www.virl.bc.ca     Juan de Fuca Constituency Office. Here to help with Provincial Programs. 250-391-1801/ JohnHorganMLA.ca.


Jack Chester’s walk through history is an incredible journey through one man’s eyes. A highly respected historian from the town and has the most extensive archive of photos and information about Port Renfrew through the ages.
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Port Renfrew is 400 feet [122 m] above sea level. Time Zone: Port Renfrew lies in the Pacific Time Zone (PST/PDT Area codes for Port Renfrew: (250) and (778) The Canadian Postal Code  for Port Renfrew is V0S 1K0
Winter population can vary from two hundred fifty or so to three hundred. Maybe five hundred in the summer, meaning local residents that come back for the fishing season or the summer home. It varies from May to October. Sometimes there are large numbers of people camping on the Pacheedaht Reserve Camp Grounds in the summer months. The forestry has camping on the two main lakes.  Winter months are days storm watching, surfing. City Data says Population in 2011: 139 Population in 2006: 208  Read more: http://www.city-data.com/canada/Port-Renfrew.html#ixzz3UFMi9FMg Population: Hiking Trails West Coast Trail Juan De Fuca Trail China Beach Trail Sombrio Beach Trail Kludahk Trail  Botanical Beach Fishing Marinas Shopping Boating Charters Kayaking Surfing   click here ALL TRAILS
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The Fisheries up the San Juan River provided these rainfall statistics for these years. Thank you and yours, Morris Trembley, for the long years of hard work at the Six Mile Fish Hatchery up San Juan River.
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